Boom Crash Drum Tracks


The music you find here includes drum tracks that I recorded here at Boom Crash Drum Tracks. If you want to hear more of my playing, go HERE and you'll find a bunch of other recordings I've played on, recorded elsewhere.

  • EL VY

    "Are These My Jets"

    EL VY is a collaboration between Matt Berninger of The National and Brent Knopf of Menomena and Ramona Falls. This is from 30 Days, 30 Songs and features a video game that you can play HERE. These are my trusty '60s Ludwig Standards, with a crappy, but oddly awesome sounding mid-'60s student model Slingerland snare drum.

  • Jim Adkins

    from Jimmy Eat World
    "I Will Go"

    Jim Adkins, singer for Jimmy Eat World, put out an EP of solo material in 2015 which featured several songs with drums recorded at Boom Crash Drum Tracks. This is the title track and was recorded with my Ludwig Standard Kit and Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute snare.

  • Sam Means

    "Other Side of You"

    Great song by the incomparable Sam Means (formerly of the band The Format), from his 2016 album, 10 Songs. I played all thed drums on this album, which was produced by Steve McDonald of OFF! and Red Kross, and also featured Anna Waronker and Rachel Haden from That Dog, and lots of beautiful arrangements by Roger Manning Jr. from Jellyfish. Ludwig Standard again here, with a mid-'60s Ludwig Acrolite snare.

  • Two Cheers

    "Into My Own"

    Two Cheers is a great band out of Detroit. This is from their self-titled LP which has lots of Boom Crash drums on it. Here I'm playing my 22" Slingerland kick, 14" Pork Pie Big Black snare, and Yamaha Maple Custom toms.

  • Lisa Bastoni

    "Remember Me (Couch Song)"

    Lisa Bastoni is a singer-songwriter from Boston and this song is from her 2017 album, The Wishing Hour, produced by the grammy-nominated wonderchild Felix McTeigue. Here we've got my 22" mid-'60s Slingerland bass drum, Ludwig Standard toms, and a '70s Ludwig 402 snare drum.

  • Schuyler Fisk and Carl Anderson

    "Restless Heart"

    I've done a lot of work with Schuyler Fisk, who I adore, but this is my first time working with Carl Anderson, a great singer-songwriter from Virginia who've I've been a fan of for some time. Produced by Sam Wilson of the band Sons of Bill, this was the very first song I recorded from my new studio in August, 2016. I was presented with a performance by Schuyler and Carl, played live and not to a click, and asked to add some drums. Their recording was super intimate and beautiful, so I tried to get a similar vibe with only a few mics and a small kit. It sounds like we're all in the same room! Amazing, considering I was in Pennsylvania and they were in Austin, TX. '60s Slingerland bass drum and floor tom, and Pork Pie Big Black snare drum.

  • The Cold and Lovely

    "Lost All Control"

    The Cold and Lovely is an awesome band fronted by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Grammy-nominated producer Meghan Toohey along with bassist Nicole Fiorentino (The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt). This is from the second collection of music I've worked on with them, their album What Will I Become. Ludwig Standard Kit and Ludwig Acrolite snare.

  • EL VY

    "I'm the Man to Be"

    Another song by EL VY, from their album Return to the Moon, which features a few other songs with drums from Boom Crash Drum Tracks. This is the Ludwig Standard kit with my '68 Ludwig Acrolite snare, with some bombastic tom overdubs on my Yamaha Maple Customs. There are also some drums mixed in from the awesomely talented Drew Shoals, the drummer in Train.

  • Mad Fortune

    "The Middle" (Jimmy Eat World Cover)

    Everyone knows this great song by Jimmy Eat World. Matt Kap produced this version which was used in the pilot episode of ABC's Speechless show. I went full-on percussion ensemble on this one. Lots of tom overdubs, cymbal swells, concert bass name it. The end result is pretty epic.

  • Sam Means


    Here's another one from Sam Means's 10 Songs album. On this one I got to do one of my favorite things: wandering around the studio with a microphone in my hand, hitting, scraping, and dropping whatever I come across (metal racks, a fan, boxes of percussion, etc.) and building a loop out of the resulting sounds. Along with some brushes on a drumkit.

  • EL VY

    "It's a Game"

    From EL VY's Return to the Moon album. This is the Ludwig Standards again, with a Slingerland snare drum (with a tambourine on it for part of the song...I'm totally in love with this sound!). These guys are so fun to work with. Basically I send them around five or six takes, with a pretty wide variety of interpretations of the song. Then Brent cuts everything up to his liking and always comes up with something brilliant. Makes my job easy!

  • Jim Adkins

    from Jimmy Eat World
    "Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard"

    This is a song by Beck from his Song Reader album (a collection of sheet music published by McSweeny's), covered by Jim on his I Will Go EP. This one was recorded with my Ludwid Standard Kit and Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute snare.

  • ROKO

    "Tómate un Respiro"

    ROKO is a bonafied pop star in Spain who's producer, Antonio Ferrara, contacted me to record drums for her solo album debut, 3, 2, 1: ROKO. This song features my '67 Slingerland kit and Ludwig Acrolite snare drum. The whole album is great, especially if you speak Spanish. Check it out HERE

  • Hamza Namira

    "Ya Seedi"

    Hamza Namira is a hugely popular singer/songwriter from Egypt, as is evident by the millions upon millions of views on his YouTube page. One of the things I love about doing this online drum recording is being able to play with people from all over the world. This is a good example of a collaboration that would have been difficult to arrange otherwise.


    "We Are the Night"

    RYVLS is a great new band from Jacksonville, Florida. This is my 22" 1965 Singlerland bass drum, Yamaha Maple Custom toms, and my Stubblefield Drums 14" 14-ply maple snare drum. In addition to providing individual drum tracks, I can mix the drums and send you a simple stereo file for you to drop into your track. That's what I did for these guys on this one.

  • Studio Demo

    "Odd Times and Pretty Guitars"

    Two of my favorite things: odd time signatures and embarassingly pretty guitars. Pretty simple setup on this: 22" 1965 Slingerland bass drum, Yamaha Maple Custom toms, Ludwig Acrolite snare drum. All other instruments played by me and I mixed it as well.

  • Studio Demo

    "Pop Song"

    Pretty simple setup on this one. 22" 1965 Slingerland bass drum, Yamaha Maple Custom toms, 14" 1962 Gretsch COB snare. All other instruments played by me, too. Mixed by Stewart Myers.

  • Studio Demo

    "Mellow Song"

    Fun setup on this one. I used my 20" x 18" 1968 Slingerland bass drum with a 26" Fibes "resonator" drum in front of it (each mic'd individually). For toms I used a 14" Yamaha Maple Custom as my rack tom and a 16" Ludwig Standard floor tom, both with tea towels on half of the heads. The snare is a 14" x 7" Yamaha Birch Custom with a 12" Hammerax Dustbowl on top of it. I played with Vic Firth Maraca Mallets and had a brass maraca threaded through my shoelaces on my hi-hat foot. No hi-hats on this, just some shakers and a tiny tambourine on the hi-hat stand (played with my foot). The crashy ride in the choruses is my 22" Instanbul Special Edition Jazz Ride with a 14" thin crash underneath (hi-hat style). I taped a wood 2x4 to the top of the bass drum for some of the woody sounds. I love doing this kind of "prepared drumset" stuff! Minimal percussion overdubs on this...most of it is live. All other instruments played by me, too. Mixed by Stewart Myers.

  • Studio Demo


    Pretty basic kit on this. It's my 1970 Ludwig Standard kit with a 26" Fibes "resonator" drum in front of the kick. 14" Gretsch COB snare. Forgive my overplaying on this...but that was kinda the point. I played all the synths and mixed as well.

  • Studio Demo


    Part of what I do outside of recording is in the education world as a teacher and author. I have a book coming out with Alfred Music Publishing, co-authored with Rich Lackowski, titled On the Beaten Path: Jazz which is a study of a whole slew of jazz drummers from the present all the way back to jazz's infancy. The book comes with audio examples of the transcriptions used, from which here is a sampling. If you're a jazz aficionado, you might recognize some of these excerpts. I recorded these all in true jazz fashion with only a few mics, using my '60s Slingerland kit.