Boom Crash Drum Tracks


Here's a video I put together of me tracking drums to Sam Means's "I Will Follow (That's All)," from his NONA EP. This should give you an idea of what kind of shenanigans go on here at Boom Crash.

The following videos are of other musical projects that I've been involved in, outside of Boom Crash Drum Tracks. Check back here often for more videos of the recording process!

Leading up to the 2017 U.S. presidential election, I recorded this song with EL VY (Matt Berninger from The National and Brent Knopf from Ramona Falls), Are These My Jets?, for the 30 Days, 30 Songs for a Trump-Free America campaign. It didn't work, but the ridiculous video game remains. Here's Matt racking up a high score.

Here's the music video for the band fun.'s "All the Pretty Girls." I'm not in the video (I'm not cute enough, honestly...the bands guitarist, Jack Antonoff, is playing drums in the video - with horible technique to boot!), but I played the drums you're hearing.

Here I am with Mandy Moore doing a cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella."

Here's me playing with the band The Format from their Live at the Mayan Theatre DVD. I never did any real touring with The Format, but played drums on their album Dog Problems.

Since 2016, I've played drums with The Hazelrigg Brothers. Here's us recording the song Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin.

Here's the music video for Schuyler Fisk's "What Good is Love" from the album Blue Ribbon Winner. I don't make an appearance in this one, but I played all the drums and percussion. What a great song!

This is the video for Sing Orpheus's "She Wants to Go." I was the original drummer in Sing Orpheus's very short existence, but we managed to record a great EP, which this song is from. Again, I'm not in the video here (I'm beginning to get a complex!), but the drummer who took over when I left, Luke Adams, is playing great. You're hearing me, though...

Here's another from The Format DVD. I absolutely love this song.

This is the video for Reubens Accomplice's "Field Science" from our album Sons of Men, done by our good friend MoniQue Reina. The drums were fun to record on this one. No real drum kit, but layered percusion more like how an ensemble would play it.

Here's another one of me playing with Mandy Moore...on the Craig Ferguson show.

This is as close as you'll ever see me get to a drum solo. With Reubens Accomplice.